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The Best Homemade Vegan Cheese and Ice Cream Recipes

The Best Homemade Vegan Cheese and Ice Cream Recipes

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With 50 delicious vegan recipes, you will be enjoying dairy free cheese and ice cream with little effort and a lot of flavor. The easy-to-follow instructions and techniques makes this the perfect cookbook for established vegans or for someone who is simply looking to embrace a dairy-free lifestyle.

All the recipes contain natural and organic ingredients, making them healthy and surprisingly easy to prepare. You will be creating sorbets, ice cream, ice pops and frozen desserts along with flavorful artisanal cheese in the warmth and comfort of your own kitchen.

This book includes:

  • The Classics, Vegan Style | Paremsan, Cheddar, Mozzarella, and more
  • Fermented Cheese | Creamy Almond Cheese, Kombucha Cheese, Tofu Cheese and more
  • Specialty Cheese | Cheese with Olives and Rosemary, Hummus Cheese Dip, Nacho Cheese Sauce and more
  • Ice Cream and Sorbet | Vanilla Ice Cream, Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream, Raspberry Frozen Yogurt and more
  • Ice Pops, Bars and Cones | Rainbow Rockets, Smoothie Ice Pops, Chocolate Praline Cones and more
  • Delicious Frozen Desserts | Ice Cream Sandwiches, Frozen Mini Layer Cakes, Apple Cinnamon Granita and more


Marie Laforet

Paperback | 144 pages

Cheese Making Bundle

The Best Homemade Vegan Cheese and Ice Cream Recipes

Item# B41

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