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Take the guesswork out of the aging process with this refrigerator thermostat. Easily installed on the outside of your cheese refrigerator, this handy thermostat will give you an accurate reading of the aging temperature without having to open the door. This is a sturdy, compact thermostat with a visible scale and an adjustable set point knob, with a temperature range of 30-80ºF. 

This controller can also be used in a chest or upright freezer.


  • This refrigerator thermostat is 120V
  • It can take up to a week for the thermostat and fridge to stabilize at the set temperature.
  • The room temperature needs to be warmer than your set temperature since this only works on cooling and not warming. A fridge thermostat set to 52ºF will not function in an exterior temperature below 52ºF


  1. Plug the refrigerator cord into the thermostat, then plug thermostat into an outlet.
  2. Place the probe in the refrigerator and set the refrigerator at the lowest temperature.
  3. Set your desired temperature on the thermostat.

Note: Place the probe in a jar of water, inside the fridge, to prevent the fridge cycling excessively when opening and closing the door.

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Deirdre B.
United States United States
Easy Peasy!

This is working perfectly on an old chest freezer. Keeps the temperature at a consistent 55 degrees. Easy to set up - 10 minutes and you're done.

Barbara F.
United States United States
Heard Good Things

I haven't used it yet. I have to get a new refrigerator as the wine chiller I have doesn't work anymore, I'll use it for storage and setting an old autoclave on. I can't just use this device on that I realize so I'm waiting on a new one. I hear great things about the performance of this so I hoping for good things to come. The goats need to kid in about 6 weeks then I'll have some milk. Looking forward to it. Barbara

Cindy J.
United States United States
Converting refrigerator to a cheese cave

Once my wine cooler cheese cave was filled, I decided to purchase a freezer less full sized refrigerator to use as a cheese cave. I purchased this thermostat to override the refrigerator controls which would keep the refrigerator too cold for proper aging. Its easy to install and once set maintains the temperature as needed. The nice thing is that when the power goes off, I don't need to reset the temperature as I always had to do with the wine cooler. I did find that the temperature dial did not match the actual temperature in the refrigerator. I had to set it about 5 degrees lower than the dial temperature. The other thing that is annoying, but doesn't affect performance is the thickness and resistance of the copper wire going from the thermostat to the refrigerator. I just hate having that much cool air leakage from the seal of the door. However, small price to pay to have a large cheese cave.

New England Cheesemaking Supply Company Refrigerator Thermostat Review
United States United States
Easy peasy

Easy, peasy, works like a charm. Works so well that I'm already shopping around for a second mini fridge to convert.

Meibao N.
United States United States
Refrigerator thermostat

I had a small freezer I didn’t need and thought I could turn it into an aging cave for my bloomy rind cheeses. After I had a handyman install it, it didn’t work for weeks and I was going to return it. He did not know the freezer had to be turned on. I turned it on because it was 69 degrees inside, then I forgot to turn it off. The next morning, I found it at exactly the temperature he had set it to…54 degrees!! So, I learned the freezer had to be turned on for the thermostat to work…LOL…and now I think this gadget is the BEST thing ever!!!