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Kefir Stater Culture (Biena)

Kefir Stater Culture (Biena)

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This Kefir starter culture will make two quarts of fresh, probiotic rich kefir. Once made, this kefir can be re-cultured, similar to yogurt, but will not product like kefir grains.

Kefir is the oldest known fermented milk product. The name originated from a Turkish vocabulary - Keif, which means pleasing sensation. It was originally produced in the Caucasian mountains. Consumption of Kefir may have been responsible for the longevity of natives within this region. Kefir is known for its special and valiant health properties. Today, scientific results have demonstrated the various health properties of this traditional artisanal food.



  • Lactose
  • L. Lactis
  • L. Cremoris
  • L. Diacetylactis
  • Leuco cremoris
  • L. Rhamnosus
  • K. Marxianus
  • Bifido lactis
  • L. Rhamnosus

Store in the freezer for up to 2 years

Approximatly 2 quarts of kefir

Biena (yogotherm)

Kosher Info
Kosher certificate available upon request


Yes No Allergens Description Of Components
X Peanuts
X Tree Nuts
X Sesame
X Milk
X Eggs
X Fish
X Crustaceans
X Shellfish
X Soy
X Wheat
X Triticale
X Mustard
X Sulfites

Cheese Making Bundle

Kefir Stater Culture (Biena)

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Michael R.
United States United States
Tastes great, Fun live culture experience.

I like the flavor, and I enjoyed how the flavor advanced as the kefir ripened. It started out tasting like a mozzarella, and made its way to a very refreshing lightly tart and easy to drink flavor. At one point it developed some effervescence, which to me is THE reason to make your own kefir rather than buy it in a store. I am on the third generation and it is still stable in flavor. Well ... cost is another way to like a stable culture. I make a gallon from a package and then make subsequent gallons. At about $3 a gallon of whole milk versus a cost for store bought kefir at $5 a quart it is a big savings. For 3 batches I spend $3/gallon x 3 gallons + $7 (for the starter) = $34 / 12 Quarts = $2.83 / quart. $5 - $2.83 = $2.16 savings per quart. Times 12 quarts = $26 in savings. A treat becomes a healthy staple.

United States United States
Love Kerif

The product worked great. I love they way it came out. My kids thought I was crazy but I made it with my fresh goat milk and drank it all.

New England Cheesemaking Supply Company Kefir Stater Culture (Biena) Review
Scott M.
United States United States
Works great


United States
Love my kefir

I've been using New England Cheesemaking's YogoTherm Kefir starter for a few months now. I make a new batch about once a week. It has a tart flavor, a perfect thickeness, and I make it in my InstantPot! I'm on my third generation of the original starter. This is also a big win. I have several YogoTherm packets waiting in the freezer to begin again.

Nancy G.

The only reason I gave it a 4 is because I have only recultured it once so far, will write another review later on also. I followed the directions the first time to get the culture going - it was awesome! on the first reculture, I just got the goat milk, and the keifer culture out of the fridge and let it get room temp (we live in Fl.), and mixed both together, set it on our gas stove where the pilot lite is in the middle and I got an awesome reculture. Thank u! Thank u ! Thank u ! Appreciate all u folks do for goats, cows, and cheese making! Nancy Gillespie