30 Minute Mozzarella Info

The Right Milk for Mozzarella

Our best advice to date is to buy a LOCAL milk one that has not had to have the extensive Long Haul treatment For more details on finding a milk that works for you click here.

A problem is that milk is being shipped cross country after being processed by huge processing plants. In order to do this the milk must be processed at higher temps and then held at cold temps for long periods of time while going these long distances to markets. This is especially true for our so called "organic milks" Many of the milks not labeled as UP are in fact heat and cold damaged and will not make a proper cheese curd for this Mozzarella, if your cheese is not working try our dry milk powder and cream recipe.

Not Ultra Pasteurized Milk

If you have any concerns on your milk quality or you can not form a nice curd like you see in the following recipe click here for more info on Ultra Pasteurized Milk.

This is an example of curds that are not forming properly because of Ultra Pasteurized milk. Don't worry, they will still be really yummy, they just wont turn into Mozzarella. As explained in the link above, drain these curds in butter muslin and enjoy them as they are or add some salt or herbs. This will make a great spread for crackers.

Making Mozzarella Without a Microwave

If you would like to try this recipe without a Microwave please click here.

A Few More Tips

  • A substitution of reconstituted dry milk powder and cream is a great option if you can not find the right type of milk.
  • Lipase can be added to the milk to provide a more robust Italian cheese flavor
  • If you want a softer texture, do not let the curd set as firm and work less when draining and kneading, this will make a moister cheese.