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Acid Meter

Acid Meter

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This acid meter, gives you the ability to test and monitor acid levels of milk and the development of acid during the cheese making process. This can help you make a more consistent cheese from batch to batch.

If you want to take your cheese making to the next level by measuring the actual percentage of acidity this acid meter is for you. Simply squeeze the bulb to auto-fill, it starts at 0ml, then turn the stopcock to dispense NaOH drop by drop, or in a stream.

Note: This meter measures the total acid %, not pH levels.


Benefits of Using an Acid Meter

  • Quick and easy dispensing of Sodium Hydroxide NaOH for acid titration
  • Reduces solution spills
  • Eliminates waste
  • Accurately graduated and calibrated to 20C very repeatable
  • Pump bulb pushes solution into buret and drains to 0 ml automatically
  • Ground glass stopcock provides positive flow control and is easy to adjust
  • Overall it makes acid measurement easy and convenient thus improving the quality and consistency of cheesemaking

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