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Yeast for de-acidification (neutralization) and aroma development for mixed flora and smear cheeses. One of the most effective yeasts for surface neutralization. DH has strong growth, high resistant to salt and preservatives, and the ability to suppress contaminating molds. It is beneficial and highly compatible with desired fungi such as B.Linen and P. Candidum. While DH is almost flavorless, it will enhance color and aroma. Its proteolytic properties also help with texture development. It is a great addition to bloomy, washed, and smeared cheeses and one of the only yeast that can survive the high salinity of Blue cheeses.



  • Debaryomyces hansenii

Store in the freezer

10 DCU

Danisco Choozit

Kosher Info
Kosher OU certificate available upon request


Yes No Allergens Description Of Components
  X Peanuts  
  X Tree Nuts  
  X Sesame  
X   Milk  
  X Eggs  
  X Fish  
  X Crustaceans  
  X Shellfish  
  X Soy  
  X Wheat  
  X Triticale  
  X Mustard  
  X Sulfites  


Add 1/8th teaspoon, for every 2 gallons of milk, at the same time as adding your culture.

When making larger batches, 50 gallons or more, it is economical to add the mold powder to 8 oz of water mixed with 1/8 teaspoon salt and 1/8 tsp sugar in an atomizer. Rehydrate your solution for 16 hours before spraying onto the surface of your cheese. When stored in a refrigerator, the solution will keep for up to one week.

We recommend using Mini Measuring Spoons to help in adding the correct amount of starter culture.

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DH Cheese Yeast

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