Yes, You Can Make Cheese

With just a few simple ingredients you can have fun making cheese at home, we'll show you how.

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Person stirring milk in a stainless steel pot for cheese making with a thermometer restign on the edge.

Getting Started

Cheese Making at Home: 3 Easy Steps

Step 1. The first step, when making soft cheese, is to slowly heat milk to 86F degrees. This can be done on a stove top with low heat.

Step 2. Culture is then added and mixed in before covering the pot and letting the milk sit quietly.

Step 3. When ready, the milk will thicken into a solid curd, similar to yogurt. The curd can then be ladled into a cloth lined colander to drain...

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Black and white photo of Robert and Ricki Carroll, founders of New England Cheesemaking Supply Company, sitting outside at a table with a cheese press, waxed homemade cheese and a cheese kit

Our Story

Two Goats and A Cow...

Back in the 70’s our founders, Robert and Ricki Carroll, were intent on becoming more self-reliant. So naturally they welcomed two dairy goats and a cow into their backyard farm. Soon they had more milk than anyone could use and then asked a life changing question, "How do you make cheese?"

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Jersey cow that produces good milk for cheese making looking right at you

The Good Milk List

Finding a source of good milk will take your cheese to the next level. Check out our good milk list for high quality milk near you.

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