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New England Cheesemaking Supply Company

In 1978 we opened our cheese making supply company and have been spreading the joy of home cheese making ever since. Over the years we have brought together a wonderful community of home cheese makers from across the world to join in our delicious adventure.

Founder | Cheese Queen

Ricki Carroll

A true pioneer of home cheese making, Ricki is a multifaceted leader who spreads joy throughout her life. Artist, activist, teacher, writer, songstress, and mother of two beautiful daughters, she is devoted to living sustainably within a loving community...

Head of Operations | Heir to The Throne

Sarah Carroll

Growing up surrounded by a passion for home cheese making certainly left its mark on Sarah. And when your mother is the Cheese Queen that tends to be a rather large mark.

Technical Director | Very Cheesy Engineer

Mark Chrabascz

With a degree in mechanical engineering, and years of machining experience, Mark brings a mechanical mind to our creative business.

Office Administrator | Customer Service Extraordinaire

April O’Malley

April's friendly voice is usually the first you will hear when calling or emailing us, she is our Customer Service Extraordinaire.

Head of Shipping | Office Cheermeister

Kathy Conley

An indispensable part if our cheese making family, Kathy has been with us for over two decades. In that time she has witnessed exciting growth and change.

Cheese Making Guru | The Tech Guy

Jim Wallace

What would we do without Jim, our tech support guru, resident researcher of all things cheese, and teacher of our advanced workshops.

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