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Spruce Cambium Strips

Spruce Cambium Strips

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Save 10% Sale price $2.95 Regular price $2.66
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These spruce cambium strips are collected by first removing the bark from trees, then special knives are used to cut the inner cambium layer which is then cut to size and dried. These strips are harvested and made in France.

The famous spruce band, which makes cheese such as Mont d'Or so visually striking, is tied around cheese when very young, before the rind has begun to develop. The spruce cambium serves a practical function, to hold the ripening cheese together as it develops a melting, almost liquid texture, it also imparts striking aromas of rubbed pine needles and soft wood resin into the cheese. 

As the cheese ripens and this unmistakable aroma begins to develop, a delicate geotrichum bloom starts to form, which breaks down the firm paste of the cheese, giving a creamy texture and yeasty flavor. Fluffy white molds coat the cheese and act with the geotrichum to ripen the cheese and also give the rind an undulating or crumpled appearance.



  • Spruce cambium strip


  • Collected by hand, a thin, pliable layer between the bark and wood of a spruce tree.
  • Good for one time use.

These are hand cut, small variations on size may occur.

  • 18" L x 1" W

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Spruce Cambium Strips

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Spruce Cambium Strips

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4.5 Based on 8 Reviews
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Karen K.
Very Interesting and Subtle Way to Flavor A Bloomy Rind Cheese

Soaked the cambium strips in distilled water enhanced with Dickel-our favorite Tennessee whisky. And then wrapped them around our favorite cow's milk bloomy rind recipe. A subtle smoky tart flavor developed particularly on the outside closest to the strip. A great way to experiment with developing different flavors to your cheese recipes and a beautiful presentation.

New England Cheesemaking Supply Company Spruce Cambium Strips Review
Couldn't wait

Been wanting to try these for a while. My wife laughs at me and asks what we are going to do with all this cheese...

A New England Cheesemaking Supply Company Customer
Wonderul Surprise!

Purchased for Vacherin d'Abondance, and perhaps will go on to make Mont d'Or. Very surprised by the lovely fragrance of these strips. I thought the spruce or "smokiness" might be overwhelming, but I was intrigued by the recipe. The inital nose I received was almost reminiscent of baked goods -- a most enticing aroma. Good investment to accompany a very interesting and informative recipe. Recommend both.

A New England Cheesemaking Supply Company Customer
More info needed

It would be nice to know before purchase if product is reusable. It would also be good to know how to adhere product to cheese-- string , rubber bands????

A New England Cheesemaking Supply Company Customer
Richmond, Va
A Magic Ingredient

I reviewed these spruce cambium strips earlier when I purchased them to make a Mont D'Or style cheese (or, as I called then, a Winnemere Wannabe). That cheese convinced me to try these with another semi-soft: in this case a bit if a stinker based on Jim's Esrom procedure. These binding strips have become a magic ingredient for me!