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Creole Cream Cheese Recipe

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Creole Cream Cheese is a farmer style cheese, similar to a combination of cottage cheese and sour cream. Made with a blend of skim milk and half & half, once the curd is made and drained, a little heavy cream is poured overtop.

This cheese had all but disappeared, but is back again and is now a real piece of cheese making history from the Creole Country of Louisiana.
  • Yield2 pounds
  • Agingtime none
  • Skill Levelbeginner
  • Author


  • Good Thermometer
  • Knife to Cut Curds
  • Spoon or ladle to Stir Curds
  • 4 M152 Crottin Cheese Molds - Can substitute similar sized soft cheese molds including basket cheese molds
  • Butter Muslin
  • Draining Mat