Cheese Making 1,2,3

It's fun and easy to make cheese at home.

Getting Started

From ingredients and equipment to the cheese making process, this beginners cheese making guide will teach you the basics of home cheese making.

With over 40 years of cheese making experience we're here to help you learn how to make cheese and have fun along the whey. Please let us know if you have any cheese making questions at

Step 1


Learn about cheese making ingredients, and why each one is used, so you can make informed decisions and select the proper ingredients.


Step 2


You may already have some equipment on hand, including a large pot, measuring cups and colander. Find out what other equipment you need for cheese making.


Step 3

The Process

This is where the magic begins. Here we guide you through each step so you will know what to expect when making your own cheese at home.

The Process

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