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pH Indicator Strips 4.0-7.0

pH Indicator Strips 4.0-7.0

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Accurate and easy to use pH-indicator test strips for cheese making. These strips are a cost-effective way to determine the general pH of liquid milk and whey in cheese making. The pH strips measure in the 4.0-7.0 range (ideal for cheese making) with pH increments of .2-.3.

These pH indicator strips have an advantage over indicator paper, since the indicator strips do not bleed, the strip can be dipped into the measurement medium without contaminating it.



  • 100 pH indicator strips, non-bleeding

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Customer Reviews
4.2 Based on 5 Reviews
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United States United States

Perfect for testing the pH for the fermented cheese

United States United States
PH strips

Have used them at least half a dozen times so far. They do work quickly and give a reading. The color scale is to similar between ranges. Would be easier to read if there was a greater difference in the color scales.

A New England Cheesemaking Supply Company Customer
Ellen G.
United States United States
PH Indicator Strips

The pH Indicator Stips are another tool for your ever growing tool box of cheese making supplies. This product is an excellent way to see and tract the acidification process. It’s an excellent educational tool, helps you to follow recipes and gives good and accurate results.

Ellen C.
United States United States
pH indicator strips

This is my 2nd box of these strips in the many years I have been routinely using them. I store them int their original box in a kitchen drawer and only open the box long enough to extract one, or cut a few carefully in half to double how many tests one box will do, as they are on the spendy side. I have had consistently fail proof performance using them. If you are going to halve them, make sure not to touch the colored indicator, and get them back in their box ASAP with the indicator down. Any cheese failures I have ever had ( and there are occasional ones, even after all these years) cannot be blamed on these strips.

Stephanie R.
They don't work after a while

Initially these strips seemed to work fairly well. They at least changed color as predicted. However, even after storing them in a plastic ziplock baggie sealed as well as possible, they quit giving any indication whatsoever. I believe that once exposed to air they lose their ability to register acidity by changing color. This was very disappointing since they are relatively pricey.