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The Nomadic Sheperd Cheese Making Recipe

This wonderful cheese combines the individually unique characteristics of both goat and ewes milk into a single cheese. When combined they make a fantastic cheese that's quite unique. The goat milk brings a clean brightness to the flavor and the ewe milk provides a nutty flavor, as well as a bit more texture to the bite. It is somewhat like a blending of the high and low notes in music.
  • Yield4 pounds
  • Agingtime under 3 months
  • Skill Levelintermediate
  • Author


  • Good Thermometer
  • Mini Measuring Spoons
  • Knife to Cut Curds
  • Spoon or Ladle to Stir Curds
  • Butter Muslin
  • Large Tomme Cheese Mold or Medium Hard Cheese Mold
  • Cheese Press or Weights
  • Medium Draining Mat