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Tomme Style Cheese Recipe

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This Tomme style cheese making recipe is based on one of the great cheeses produced in the Alps. Tomme is a cheese which is made when there is either a good supply of milk, or sometimes as a lower butterfat cheese, when the fat has been skimmed for butter or for other uses.
  • Yield4 pounds
  • Agingtime under 2 months
  • Skill Levelintermediate
  • Author


  • 4 Gallons of Milk (Not UltraPasteurized)
  • 1 Packet C101 Mesophilic Culture
  • 1 Packet C201 Thermophilic Culture
  • 1/2 tsp (2.5 ml) Single Strength Liquid Rennet
  • Salt
  • Calcium Chloride (for pasteurized milk)


  • Good Thermometer
  • Knife to Cut Curds
  • Spoon or ladle to Stir Curds
  • 2 M3 Small Cheese Molds or 1 M19 Large Tomme Mold
  • Butter Muslin or U3 Disposable Cheese Cloth
  • Draining Mats
  • 4-5 lb Weights for Pressing