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Cleaning Solution for pH Meters

Cleaning Solution for pH Meters

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This cleaning solution is designed to remove protein and fat residues from the probe of a pH meter. After testing for pH levels when making cheese, the electrodes may be dirty which creates negative and inefficient results. Use this cleaning solution to fully clean the probe after use.

When used, this cleaning solution will provide the maximum efficiency and accuracy of your pH meters sensor.


HANNA® created this cleaning solutions to eliminate dirt and residue left on the surface of the electrode when immersed in solutions, such as wines, must, oils, soil, industrial solutions, grease and dairy products.


  • Soak the probe for 15-30 minutes in the cleaning solution.
  • If needed, carefully use a soft bristle toothbrush for stubborn residues.
  • The probe should then be rinsed well with distilled water and re-calibrated.
  • Store with a drop or two of storage solution or pH7 buffer solution.
  • Rinse in distilled water before each use.

Note: The glass is very thin and can not get scratched.

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Cleaning Solution for pH Meters

Item# PH7061

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