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Hygrometer and Thermometer

Hygrometer and Thermometer

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This hygrometer and thermometer by ThermoWorks is perfect for testing the humidity in a cheese cave. Each unit includes a wall bracket, remote sensor, and operating instructions. This hygrometer is a professional tool at an affordable price. It records Min and Max temperatures and can be set to display Fahrenheit or Centigrade. With large 1 inch digits you'll have no trouble reading the current display. 

Mount your hygrometer right to a wall with a convenient wall mount or set it onto a solid surface with the fold-out stand. This unit can display two separate temperature readings using a sensor on a 10 foot cable (included) to also measure temperature in a remote location. The humidity sensor is housed in the hygrometer body so it can only monitor moisture at the base location. It will not read humidity in the remote location.

Note: It is important to use a hygrometer that provides an accurate reading. Many digital hygrometers are not intended for high moisture measurement. We've tested, and rejected, multiple units before finding this accurate hygrometer and thermometer.



  • 20 to 99% RH Range
  • Indoor 32 to 122°F / 0 to 50°C
  • Outdoor -58 to 158°F / -50 to 70°C
  • Accuracy ±3% RH at 77°F (25°C) | ±2°F (1°C)
  • Max/Min memory
  • Reading update every 10 seconds
  • Battery type AAA
  • 1" display digits
  • 3.9 x 4.3" (79 x 66mm)
  • Remote sensor wire 9.8' (3 meters)
  • °F/°C switchable
  • Foldaway stand
  • Mounting bracket


Cheese Making Bundle

Hygrometer and Thermometer

Item# HG1

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Ann L.
United States United States
My husband wants to steal it!

My husband wants to steal it! He keeps asking me to "borrow " it for his brewing, weather watching and indoor temperature conditions control. No no no, it's mine

United States United States

I place my hygrometer inside my proofer when aging my Latin American cheese. It allows me to keep the inside of the proofer at a 50% humidity during the aging process. What I like about the hygrometer? 1) BIG, BOLD NUMBERS plus it includes a LIGHT 2) I wish it had a stand, so I don't always have to look at it from the top. Currently, you can't look at it from the side, since it lays flat. What I wish it was different? 1) External measures the temperature at the sensor, and internal measures the temperature at the device. I seem to confuse the two. Additionally, it only measures the humidity at the sensor and not at the device. 2) It seems to be used primarily to be nailed to a wall, as it comes with the small, mounting piece for the wall. However, I don't mount it on a wall, so I wish it came with something that allowed it to tilt, so I could read the measurements from the side. 3) Whenever you turn it on, it resets back to Fahrenheit instead of resetting back to the previously used setting. For someone who is used to working with Celsius, I have to press the back button every time I turn it on.

New England Cheesemaking Supply Company Hygrometer and Thermometer Review
Linda D.
United States United States
Glad I purchased!

I purchased the Hygrometer/Thermometer about a month ago and placed it in my wine refrigerator which I use as my cheese cave. I feel a lot more comfortable now about the humidity as I can adjust as needed by adding a bowl of water to the fridge and can watch the humidity adjust to where I need it. It also gives me a more accurate temperature reading. The wine fridge has a temperature adjustment but what I have found is that it is colder on the bottom and warms on the higher shelves so I can place my cheese on more appropriate shelves now. I just finished making brined Feta, Gouda and Smoked Gouda, Colby, Jarlsberg and Triple Cream Brie and I am much more confident that I am hitting the temperatures and humidity levels that these cheese need than before. Also the readings are large and easy to read through the glass front of my wine fridge and the unit maintains the setting for a bit when the door is opened. It was a great investment for me.

New England Cheesemaking Supply Company Hygrometer and Thermometer Review
Katherine S.
United States United States
Great Investment

This hygrometer/thermometer is a great investment. My cellar was way too warm and dry. (No wonder my potatoes got old too fast.) This has allowed me to get my cellar at the right temperature and humidity levels before I introduce any cheese.

Cynthia J.
United States United States
Monitoring Cave

My problem when aging cheeses was knowing the humidity in the refrigerator. Temperatures were never a problem. Thermometers are easy to find. Hygrometers not so much. This hygrometer/thermometer makes monitoring the cheese refrigerator easy. The large numbers are easy to read. As noted in an earlier review, you can adapt the thermometer for use outside of the refrigerator, but not the hygrometer.I checked the thermometer against another thermometer and it is accurate.

New England Cheesemaking Supply Company Hygrometer and Thermometer Review