All Natural Beeswax

100% pure beeswax, one pound block

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When applied, all natural beeswax can help prevent unwanted mold growth and retain moisture while cheese is aged. Beeswax can also add a wonderful complexity to both the aroma and flavor of aged cheese.

One pound will wax approximately 12-20 cheeses when brushed on.

If dipping dipping your cheese to wax it, instead of brushing the wax on, we recommend starting with at least 5 pounds of wax.

Beeswax has been used for thousands of years for its unique chemistry. It has the ability to produce creamy textures in a variety of cosmetic applications. Because of the highly complex composition of beeswax and its soft, pliable nature, beeswax remains an indispensable raw material for many finished products even after centuries of commercial use.

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