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Dutch Style Cheese Press

Dutch Style Cheese Press $149.95

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This cheese press is proudly made in the USA and built to last a lifetime. Made from solid hard wood, Maple, this press is well balanced and easy to use.

Pressure is applied by hanging weights at one of four notches on the lever arm. Each notch is a multiple so you can calculate how much pressure is being applied. For example, a 5 lbs weight hung on notch three will provide 15 lbs of pressure.

With an ability to apply up to 100 lbs of pressure, this press can be used with cheese weighing up to 10 lbs.


19 1/2" L x 9" W x 26 3/4" H

Solid Wood

Country of Origin

Does not come fully assembled


Recognizing Proper Pressing Weight

The proper amount of weight for pressing should be specified in each cheese making recipe. However, this can sometimes lead to over or under pressing, due to the final cheese moisture or fat content of the curds.

Excessive cloudy/milky whey or even butterfat leaking with the draining whey or on the cheese surface when turning, are signs of over pressing. Higher fat cheese requires less weight in early pressing stages when butterfat is still in a liquid state.

Under pressing will result in unconsolidated curds in the final cheese. This can be identified with open curd spaces on the rind or excessive open spaces in the cheese body.

A tight smooth rind with open space in the cheese body can be from applying excessive press too soon. This would seal the surface and trap moisture inside. This is usually accompanied by a cheese leaking moisture in the aging room.

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Very well made and easy to use.

I’ve recently started cheese making and finally decided to make the jump to pressed cheeses. I had been making mainly fresh, soft cheeses up till now that didn’t require a press. It’s a great feeling to now be able to make my favorite hard cheeses. The press is very well made and was easy to put together. The hardwood and the solid feel to it makes me think I will be using it for years to come. It also looks nice when it’s sitting out it looks decorative. I’m very happy with my purchase.

Michelle J.

Had to 'rig' it to get even press

It was very easy to assemble and use. However, here was the issue I faced; the centering guide is almost the exact circumference of the cheese round insert so after getting it where you think it's aligned and add 40 lbs of weight, the centering guide falls or wedges down into the center circle of the cheese mold (M3 is what was recommended for size and what I purchased). I had to have my husband cut me a block of wood to go between the two pieces to keep the pressure evenly distributed. Fingers crossed, my cheese is evening out! :)

Sebastopol, CA

Works Just Fine

Easy to put together and easy to use. It does the job although I wish it had a drip pan so the remaining whey has a path to drip down but that's minor since a towel works fine.


A little funky to put together

I haven't had a chance to use it but I'm sure it will work OK, but make sure you have your drill bits on hand because the screw holes aren't lined up at all. I had to redial 3 of the 8 holes (also be careful not to strip the screw heads, they strip easily if your holes aren't completely lined up). And I'm confused by the design because the lever isn't lined up straight with the plunger so it's not a fluid movement (maybe that's the way they want it?). I'm sure it works fine though and can't wait to try it.


exactly what I hoped it would be

A nice compact design that was easy to assemble and use. When it first arrived, the plunger was broken (likely during shipping) but April had a new part shipped out immediately and without fuss. My first pressed cheese - a colby - looks professional.