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Organic Lamb Rennet Paste

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SKU: R11
Organic Lamb Rennet Paste

Organic Lamb Rennet Paste

Regular price $22.95
SKU: R11
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This organic lamb rennet paste (SemiPiccante) by WalcoRen is a non-GMO, pure natural lamb rennet paste that is based on the production of traditional rennet paste. This rennet can be used to make aged cheese where sheep lipase is desired for the development of typical ripening flavors. Mixtures of milk, or pure cow milk, also work well with this rennet.



  • Lamb rennet
  • Salt
  • < 5% sodium benzoate

Store in the refridgerator

250 grams

Approximately 1/4 tsp will set 1 gallon of milk


Halal Info
Halal certificate available upon request

Shipping Restriction
Due to customs restrictions we cannot ship this rennet to Australia or Sweden


Yes No Allergens Description Of Components
X Peanuts
X Tree Nuts
X Sesame
X Milk
X Eggs
X Fish
X Crustaceans
X Shellfish
X Soy
X Wheat
X Triticale
X Mustard
X Sulfites


Shake well before use.

Mix required amount of rennet in about 1/4 cup cool, non-chlorinated water. Immediately add diluted rennet to milk, gently stir for 1 minute, to evenly distribute.

Note: The amount will vary on the condition of your milk, season and type of cheese you are making.

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Organic Lamb Rennet Paste

Item# R11

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