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Bloomy Rind Cheese Wrap (Clear)

Bloomy Rind Cheese Wrap (Clear)

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This two ply cheese wrap is used for white mold ripened cheese including Camembert, Crottin, Tomme and Brie. This clear, two layer wrap is breathable which is ideal for a delicate bloom and proper moisture when aging cheese.

The benefit to a clear wrap is you can see how your mold ripened cheese is aging.  It also allows you to showcase unique shapes or features like a spruce cambium strap.

The inner layer is designed to control the moisture level of the surface of the cheese. Candidum mold does not adhere to the film, so you won't have tearing of the cheese surface when un-wrapping. 

The outer layer allows gas to be exchanged while increasing the strength of the wrap.



  • 25 Sheets per package


  • Micro-perforated polypropylene film bonded to polyamide film.


  • 7 7/8"
  • 9 7/8"
  • 13 3/4"
  • 17 3/4"


Wrap with shiny side towards the cheese. Age and store as directed in your recipe.

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Bloomy Rind Cheese Wrap (Clear)

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