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Kefir Starter Culture (Yogourmet)

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SKU: C45
Kefir Starter Culture (Yogourmet)

Kefir Starter Culture (Yogourmet)

Regular price $6.95
SKU: C45
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This kefir culture makes a rich, creamy drink with a bubbly effervescence which may be sweetened with honey or maple syrup to produce a refreshing and nutritious dairy treat. Kefir can be made with cow, soy or goat milk. Kefir has been called, the champagne of dairy products. 

This kefir can be re-cultured, but will not product like kefir grains.It is a complex combination of many different cultures so it can be difficult to get consistent results, when re-culturing.



  • Skim milk powder
  • Ascorbic acid
  • L. Cremoris
  • L. Plantarum
  • S. Lactis
  • S. Cremoris
  • S. Diacelilactis
  • Saccharomyces kefir

Store in the freezer for up to 2 years

Each of the two packets will make 1 gallon of kefir


Kosher Info
Kosher and Halal certificate available upon request


Yes No Allergens Description Of Components
X* Peanuts
X* Tree Nuts
X* Sesame
X Milk
X* Eggs
X* Fish
X* Crustaceans
X* Shellfish
X* Soy
X* Wheat
X* Triticale
X* Mustard
X* Sulfites

*This allergen is not in the kefir culture although it is used in other items which are produced at the same location.


  • Heat 1 gallon of milk to 86ºF
  • Add 1 packet of kefir culture to milk, let rehydrate for 1-3 minutes
  • Stir milk for 1-2 minutes
  • Let set for 12-24 hours or until desired consistency
  • Store finished kefir in a refrigerator for up to one week

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Kefir Starter Culture (Yogourmet)

Item# C45

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