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30 Minute Mozzarella & Ricotta Kit

30 Minute Mozzarella & Ricotta Kit

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This cheese making kit is fun for all ages, simply add milk and enjoy. What could be better than making fresh, homemade mozzarella in your own kitchen.

With this kit you can go from fresh milk to stretching mozzarella in approximately 30 minutes. Along with mozzarella you can also make fresh whole milk ricotta, yum. 

When making mozzarella, or any cheese, we always suggest local dairies, when available. For mozzarella the milk needs to be processed below 170F, at the dairy, for proper curd formation.



  • Dairy thermometer
  • 1 yd Butter muslin
  • 4 oz Citric acid
  • 10 Vegetable rennet tablets
  • 8 oz Cheese salt
  • Recipe booklet


  • Make mozzarella in 30 minutes
  • Up to thirty 1 lb batches
  • Easy to use
  • Additional recipes, including whey bread

Rennet tablets will last approximately 1 year at room temperature. When stored in the freezer, rennet tablets will last for 5+ years.

Other contents in this kit will last indefinitely, at room temperature.

New England Cheesemaking Supply Company

Good milk

Use the freshest milk you can find, local milk is always best, when available.

Milk that has been pasteurized above 170F can be problematic for curd formation, when making 30 minute mozzarella. If you see problems with curd formation, we recommend contacting the dairy and asking about their milk processing temperatures.

This kit can be made with any type of low heat processed milk, including goat milk and powdered milk.

Cheese Making Bundle

30 Minute Mozzarella & Ricotta Kit

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Love it!

This kit along with many other products here is one of the best! It's super easy and gives step by step instructions. This kit takes the stress out of finding all the necessary ingredients and let's you enjoy the process! This was my first experience with making cheese and it made me slightly addicted! Thank you for your great customer service and products!

Leah S.

Great for beginners!

I received this kit as a gift. It was easy to follow the recipe and I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to make mozzarella in a short amount of time. What an amazing way for a beginnee to start making cheese.

Penny S.

Awesome for Gifts

We love cheese at our house so we bought our first kit to make our own. We had so much fun making it and it was delicious. It was quick to make and easier than we expected. We continue to buy more kits and try different herbs and spices in our cheeses. We have bought many of the kits for gifts. These have become a favorite gift and we get requests for these as future gifts. The kits make It easy enough to make with young children and they love eating what they have made. All ages can make cheese with these wonderful kits. Our adult children have started having get togethers with cheese tastings from their homemade cheeses.

Rachael B.

I miss it. It brightened my day every time.

**Long Story Part, very interesting** —I got into cheesemaking while living in places with limited cheese access. —I brought my cheese kit to HK and Korea. —The milk was easy to find, and for non-chlorinated water, we used mountain spring water. **See how interesting?** Great experience. The kit was as thorough as one would want. The process went just as instructed. When tap water didn’t work, the troubleshooting gave hope and sent us to the spring water. Everything went so well. It was thoughtful to include suggested uses for the whey, and we made dozens of pizzas. Also I still saved some money by making the mozzarella myself rather than going and getting it in Korea. It was much cheaper to make my own pizza. Also, you can’t beat the feeling of waking up and knowing, “Hey, I can go eat a chunk of salty cheese goodness right out of the fridge, right now.” Also, “Mmm. Warm curds.”

Melissa Harding