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Dry Jack Cheese Recipe

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Dry Jack Cheese is made with a longer cook and stir time to dry out the curds, then it is pressed in a cloth without cheese molds. Once formed, a spicy surface rub with cocoa, pepper, coffee, and oil is applied to the surface while aging. This process creates a spectacular presentation and a yummy cheese.
  • Yield6 pounds
  • Agingtime 6+ months
  • Skill Levelintermediate
  • Author


  • Large Stainless Steel Pot
  • Good Thermometer
  • Knife to Cut Curds
  • Spoon or ladle to Stir Curds
  • Large Colander
  • Butter Muslin
  • Draining Mats
  • 2-3 Flat Boards for Pressing (wood or plastic is fine)
  • 25 lb & 50 lb Weight for Pressing