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Refrigerator Thermostat

Refrigerator Thermostat

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Take the guesswork out of the aging process with this refrigerator thermostat. Easily installed on the outside of your cheese refrigerator, this handy thermostat will give you an accurate reading of the aging temperature without having to open the door. This is a sturdy, compact thermostat with a visible scale and an adjustable set point knob, with a temperature range of 30-80ºF. 

This controller can also be used in a chest or upright freezer.


It can take up to a week for the thermostat and fridge to stabilize at the set temperature. Also note, the room temperature needs to be warmer than your set temperature since this only works on cooling and not warming. A fridge thermostat set to 52ºF will not function in an exterior temperature below 52ºF


  1. Plug the refrigerator cord into the thermostat, then plug thermostat into an outlet.
  2. Place the probe in the refrigerator and set the refrigerator at the lowest temperature.
  3. Set your desired temperature on the thermostat.

Note: Place the probe in a jar of water, inside the fridge, to prevent the fridge cycling excessively when opening and closing the door.

Cheese Making Bundle

Refrigerator Thermostat

Item# E5005

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Amy's assistant

Becoming a Big Cheese

This is the second of these thermostats that I've ordered. We've used the first one for a year in a (larger) dorm-sized 'fridge that became my wife's original cheese cave. It works perfectly! As she became more amazingly proficient, though, and branched out into making other varieties of cheeses, there just wasn't enough space to age all of her various cheeses. "Go Big, or Go Home!" I just brought home a used commercial soft drink display refrigerator that was removed from a chain of service stations / quick marts that were undergoing renovation. She'll now have five very big racks for storing cheese (more can be added ... at a price) and be able to keep an eye on them through the glass door without altering temps needlessly. The new unit does have a thermostat (and a built in thermometer, lights, etc.), but if that doesn't cover the temp range that she needs, I can add this thermostat in just a few minutes.

Johnny G.
Forks Washington

happy camper!!! the dorm refrigerator is now a cheese cave

I am a technical failure and was holding my breath trying an electronic product I knew nothing about. Never fear--my pit bull could have hooked it up and boy! does it do the job. I set the dial at 56 degrees and the next morning it was right on. Hooray for my new cheese cave.

Heidi Calder
South Jordan, Utah

My new cheese cave!

I started making cheese years ago and have always used Rikki's books, website info, and supplies. I went back to work FT in 2010 and only recently retired at the early retirement age of 58. I am now living, loving, and doing only those things that I love living, loving, and doing. I live and love fiber (I spin, crochet, and am learning to weave and felt). I love birds (I breed, cherish, and hand-raise lovebirds and I am BFF to a 21-year old Congo African Grey parrot). And I love making cheese, yogurt, and buttermilk using milks from local small dairies. New England Cheese making Company has taught me much and more! I think of Rikki and her amazing family/staff as my personal health and happiness coaches... right along-side (maybe even a bit elevated above) my personal trainer/weight-loss coach. Living long and living strong is my goal. Thank you for being a part of this path and helping me to succeed!

Victoria B.C.

Works like a Charm

Solid structure, very simple to use! Solved my cheese cave temperature issues after giving it 24 hours to regulate.

Bill Hanks

Needs More Consistency

I bought this product a few months ago because my aging space was too cold. While this does help to achieve the proper temperatures needed I find that it is not very consistent. It has a temperature swing of about 5 degrees in each direction.