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Acid Testing Kit

Acid Testing Kit

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Easily test the acidity of milk, whey, and other dairy products with this inexpensive acid testing kit. Increasing acidity levels is an important part of cheese making, this kit takes away the guess work, and provide you with accurate readings.

Keeping track of acidity will let you know when to add rennet and when to transfer curds into a cheese mold.

The ability to test and monitor acid levels of milk and development of acid during the cheese making process can provide a more consistent cheese from batch to batch.

Note: This kit measures the acid % (TA%), not pH levels



  • 16 cc color solution (phenolphthalein)
  • 4 oz sodium hydroxide
  • 3 cc plastic syringe
  • 10 cc plastic syringe
  • Plastic test cup
  • Instructions

Cheese Making Bundle

Acid Testing Kit

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