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Monte Rosso Cheese Making Recipe

Unique and impressive, MonteRosso has a complex flavor of buttery sweet caramel and a silky texture that tends to flow as it warms on the table. The aroma can vary from fresh farm smells like new mown hay and clean, earthy dairy barn, to fresh milk and even fruity notes.

This is a relatively easy cheese to make, with little time standing over the pot of milk and curd. But a careful eye will be required during the ripening process to develop the rosy surface layer.
  • Yield1 Pound
  • Agingtime under 2 months
  • Skill Levelintermediate
  • Author


  • 2 Gallons of Milk (Not Ultra-Pasteurized)
  • 1/2 tsp Calcium Chloride (for pasteurized milk)
  • 1/4 tsp MA 4002 Culture (1/8 tsp for raw milk)
  • 1/64 tsp Geotrichum Candidum
  • 1/64 tsp Bacteria Linens
  • 2 ml Single Strength Liquid Rennet (1.5 ml for raw milk)
  • Cheese Salt (for brine)


  • Good Thermometer
  • Mini Measuring Spoons
  • Curd Knife
  • Spoon or Ladle
  • 2 Large Pyramid Cheese Molds
  • Draining Mat
  • 17" Washed Rind Cheese Wrap (optional)