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Cheese Making Workshop 201

Regular price $490.00 per person

Cheese Making Workshop 201

Regular price $490.00 per person

This workshop is for anyone wanting to get to the next step in cheese making. Whether a home cheese maker, small farmstead, chef, or simply a cheese lover wanting to know more, you can learn how to make a fabulous range of semi-soft and hard cheese.

Beginning with raw materials, milk culture and rennet, we talk about their roles, then move through the individual cheese making steps, and learn how cheese can be aged to perfection.

From this class you will have the background to make many of the delicious cheeses you find at the store.

Course Includes

    • Two day class from 9:00am to 4:00pm
    • Delicious lunch each day
    • Tasting and discussing various styles of cheese
    • Making Brie/Camembert, Traditional Cheddar and Vacha Toscano

Topics Covered

    • Equipment and tools needed for cheese making
    • Space requirements for home and small dairies
    • Types of milk and how they are different to work with
    • Types of culture, their characteristics, and how to use them
    • Monitoring the process by pH and acid titration measurement
    • Control of final acidity and moisture content of cheese
    • Salt application and how it changes the cheese
    • Wax vs natural rinds
    • Aging conditions and how to set up and maintain a simple cave

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Classes are Held at:

11 High Street, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370

Local Accommodations:

Shelburne Falls

  • Dancing Bear Guest House
  • Kenburn Orchards
  • Bulfrog
  • Glass Porches
  • Bird's Nest
  • The House in Pumpkin Hollow
  • Hampton Inn Suites
  • Days Inn

Workshop Details:

If you have taken our 101 cheese making class, or have already started making cheese at home and would like to improve your craft, Jim will lead you there during this class. This is a two day workshop and runs from 9am-4pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to get to the next step in cheese making, learning to make a range of fabulous semi-soft and hard cheeses. Whether you are a home cheese maker, small farmstead, chef, or you just really love cheese and want to know more about it, this is the class for you.

We will begin with the raw materials (milk-culture-rennet), talk about their roles, move on through the individual steps (the How and Why!), and learn how they can be aged to perfection. At the end of the two days, Jim will have taken you through this process making three very different cheeses, you will have tasted a lot of really great cheese and generally had a really fun-tabulous time.

From this class you will have the background to move ahead into making many of the delicious cheeses you find at the store and your neighbors will hunger for more when you serve your sumptuous new delights.


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Bob Lindaw

Warmth and Experience Shine Through

This class is a must for those just starting out or anywhere along the way in making artisan cheese. Jim's warmth, experience, breadth of knowledge, and ability to breakdown and share all of his cheesemaking knowledge with his students shines through. From the moment I walked up to the door of his beautiful home and customized cheese lab, I was warmly welcomed by Jim and his wife Robin and my fellow classmates. The knowledge gained, ability to work firsthand with the milk and all its variables, and to see up close many of the cheesemaking reactions is priceless. Students also learn how to make adjustments along the way which is invaluable. Added bonuses included the wonderful lunches prepared by Robin, tasting of some of Jim's homemade cheeses, a session where some of our own cheeses were sampled and evaluated, all the new cheese friends made and the Bridge of Flowers connecting the towns of Shelburne Falls and Buckland. One of the best experiences I have had in awhile.

Jamie Ryer

Awesome class!

I flew into Boston and drove a beautiful 2 hours through the Massachusetts countryside. Hartford, CT (Bradley - BDL) is a great alternate airport if you aren't local and is just 60 minutes from Shelburne Falls, MA a beautiful quaint New England town. When I arrived where the class was held, I knew I was in for a treat. Besides being immediately enamored by the beautiful rolling hills and farms along the way, Jim's home has so much heritage as well and he has an amazing and quite impressive cheese and wine cave. His wife is a great cook as well, loved the soup we had on Sunday! About the class, what I can say, an absolute must for anyone that's ready to move on from Ricki's "30 minute ricotta and mozzarella" to more complex cheeses. Jim brings an absolute wealth of information to this class. I have been making the cheeses he covers in this class from the recipes online, such as: cheddar & camembert for a few months now but knew something was missing. This class is the missing piece! Seeing an expert and artisan that Jim is at his craft in his home made all the difference! I had a great time and made some new cheesemaking friends. Hoping Jim will have some additional classes and instruction on other types of cheeses as well, I will certainly attend again! All in all, a truly wonderful weekend and a break from day to day monotony as you pursue your love and passion for crafting artisan cheeses, you will not be disappointed.

Jamie Ryer verified customer review of Cheese Making Workshop 201Jamie Ryer verified customer review of Cheese Making Workshop 201Jamie Ryer verified customer review of Cheese Making Workshop 201
LaBerta Forys

Beyond Just Following the Cheese Recipe

In this informative and engaging workshop you learn the "organic" nature of cheese making, that is, letting observation and feel be your guide through the process which move one beyond just following the cheese making recipe. Your are exposed to techniques, useful tools and equipment, valuable resources and helpful hints. Additionally, you meet others who are passionate about "cheesing" including instructor, Jim Wallace and fellow workshop participants. The warmth and hospitality Jim and partner, Robin, completes the experience! I can not wait to make the trek from Australia to take the advanced workshop!

Jill Lerner

Worth the trip!

I have been making "1 hour" cheese like Ricotta, Goat, Mozzarella etc for 20 years but was afraid to take the next step into aged cheeses. I made the trip from Alaska for the 201 class and it was definitely worth it. Jim has a wealth of information about cheese and cheese making, information I never could have garnered on my own from a book or recipe. Wonderful lunches were prepared by his wife. I am making my first batch of Camembert as I write this! This is a class worth taking !


Don’t miss this wonderful experience

What I want for gifts now are experiences not things. So Jim Wallace’s 201 Cheese Workshop was the perfect Christmas gift to give myself. Jim has a huge history with cheese making. His workshop instructions are in real time. In his class you will touch the curds for the perfect moisture and texture. You will taste the curd or the whey to follow acid production, smell the fresh milk as the culture inoculation happens, see the curd split for a perfect “clean break”, hear the friable snap of an aged cheese. You will learn what “The Grip” looks like for a well done aged cheese. You will come away from this experience not only with the technical approach to cheesemaking, but the ART of it all too.