Thermometers and Testing

Easy to read, accurate thermometers are integral for cheese making. Thermometers with a pot clip make it even easier to keep an eye on the temperature. 

Testing for acid and pH levels can help you achieve a more consistent cheese from batch to batch.


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5" Tel-Tru Thermometer
Sale priceFrom $25.95
Pocket Thermometer
ThermoPop 2 Thermometer
Sale priceFrom $36.95
Sale price$64.95
Hygrometer and Thermometer
Triton T3 Digital Scale
Refrigerator Thermostat
pH Indicator Strips 4.0-7.0
Acid Testing Kit
Sale price$19.95
4.00 pH Buffer Solution for pH Meters
7.00 pH Buffer Solution for pH Meters
Cleaning Solution for pH Meters
Storage Solution for pH Meters
Sodium Hydroxide for Acid Testing
Color Solution for Acid Testing
Pro-Series Needle Probe for Chef Alarm
Large Pot Clip for Chef Alarm
Waterproof pH Meter and Thermometer