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Gouda or Edam Cheese Mold

Regular price $19.95
SKU: M140-1lb
Gouda or Edam Cheese Mold

Gouda or Edam Cheese Mold

Regular price $19.95
SKU: M140-1lb
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This cheese mold is perfect for making a Gouda, Edam or Mimolette style cheese. With a unique spherical shape, this mold will form cheese into a beautiful globe like shape. Draining holes at the bottom of the mold and a sturdy base ensure the whey will drain nicely while pressing, and the heavy gauge will hold up to daily pressing.



  • 1 lb | 4 1/8" W x 4 3/4" H
  • 4 lb | 6 1/4" W x 6 1/2" H
  • 8 lb | 7 5/8" W x 7 1/4" H

Closed bottom

Food grade polypropylene

Country of Origin

Cheese Making Bundle

Gouda or Edam Cheese Mold

Item# M140-1lb

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Quality is great...but not Gouda shaped

This mold is well built in terms of thickness and ability to withstand some pretty heavy duty pressure. What I don 't like about it is that the one pound mold actually came out as a pretty close to 2 pound cheese and as other reviewers have stated, the follower bottoms out after the first inch or so. My cheeses are not remotely Gouda like....they look more like a bell or to state it a tad the breast shape of a plastic mannequin. Also I would have liked to stack my cheeses in the press and although you could see that the mold is designed to be able to be stacked, in real life It just didn't work.

A New England Cheesemaking Supply Company Customer
Dan Mouer
Richmond, Va

Edam Cheese Mold

I recently made my first cheese with the new Edam mold, which is rated to hold about 4 pounds of curd. Using the rule-of-thumb of one pound of curd per each gallon of milk, I made a 4-gallon batch aiming for medium-dry moisture for a cheese I hope to age about 8 months. That much milk produced more curd than could snugly fit into the mold. I did get most of it in, but the bulging contents caused the follower to leave an indentation ring around the top of the ball. I'm sure this would have made a perfect Edam-like sphere if I had used about 3 1/2 gallons of milk. I suspect, but cannot confirm, that a 2-3-gallon batch would end up shaped more like a traditional Gouda, a somewhat flattened "sphere.The quality of the mold is absolutely top-notch. No doubt in my mind this rugged beast could make many hundreds of cheeses without showing any wear and tear. If you want to make beach-ball-shaped cheese, this is the way to do it!


Press does not fit into mold

The cap for pressing down and shaping the cheese does not fit into the mold, because the mold narrows as it goes down. The cap can only be inserted about an inch, after which it is not longer pressing on the curds. You CANNOT make a mini gouda with this, only a loose "bell" shape.


good sturdy mold

This is a good and sturdy mold. The mold is V-shaped and the lid only pushes in a limited amount. When you make 1-gallon batch cheese, you will find that the lid locks almost immediately and not produce a nice shape or presses adequately. Either go with different mold or add some extra milk to remediate

Woodstock, IL

This thing is a tank

This is one heavy duty mold. I use it for more than just Edam. It works under some pretty heavy pressure and I like the rounded tops and bottoms on other cheeses as well. A two pound cheese is the minimum size that can be done before the follower starts to bottom out on the mold. Will be using this weekend on a 4 lb batch.