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Cheese TravelsMaking Traditional Saint Nectaire

Making Traditional Saint Nectaire

This article details how Saint Nectaire is traditionally made in the Auvergne. The farms where the cheese is made are either high on the plateau with the summer herds and their pastures or clustere...

Cheese TravelsLearning About Parmigiano-Reggiano in Italy

Learning About Parmigiano-Reggiano in Italy

Over the past several years I have spent a good deal of time visiting cheese makers around the world in search of the real story behind great cheese. True Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese is controlled w...

Cheese TravelsSlow Food Festival in Bra Italy 2007

Slow Food Festival in Bra Italy 2007

In Sept Jim Wallace spent two weeks visiting traditional cheese makers in France and Italy, spending several days in the Piemonte region visiting this grand celebration of cheese. Here he shares th...

Cheese TravelsCheese Makers Traveling Through Spain

Cheese Makers Traveling Through Spain

This is my first trip to Spain for this so it shows a lot of how I go about making contacts. Its really like opening a surprise package every day. A number of years ago I began thinking about how m...

Cheese TravelsCheese Makers Traveling Through Italy

Cheese Makers Traveling Through Italy

Susan Marquis from Arlington VA. has been a cheese lover and home cheese maker for quite some time now. She sent us these wonderful photographs and her story from a recent trip to Italy.

Cheese TravelsCheese Makers Traveling Through Republic of Georgia

Cheese Makers Traveling Through Republic of Georgia

A few years ago, Ricki had the pleasure of visiting the Republic of Georgia, formerly part of Russia to sing with a group called Village Harmony. This beautiful country boasts some of the most hosp...

Cheese TravelsCheese Makers Traveling Through France

Cheese Makers Traveling Through France

In the Fall of 2002, eleven artisin cheesemakers and serious cheese lovers embarked on a 9 day adventure to explore the state of cheese making in France. During this time we covered 1250 miles thro...

Cheese TravelsFrench Alpine Cheese Making

French Alpine Cheese Making

Alpine cheeses were traditionally made in remote regions of the mountains in eastern France, where large collective herds were moved to the alpage (mountain pastures) in May/June and remained throu...

Cheese TravelsJorge "Mariano" Gonzalez

Jorge "Mariano" Gonzalez

A visit with Mariano to see how he makes that famous bandaged cheddar. After meeting at the American Cheese Society convention in San Francisco, we headed to the Fiscalini Farm in Modesto for a vis...

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