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Customer RecipesLeban Cheese Making Recipe

Leban Cheese Making Recipe

This is something my family has made for years, and we were taught to make it this way while living in Saudi Arabia. It is a little more labor intensive than doing it the way you mentioned, but I a...

Customer RecipesQueso Fresco Cheese Making Recipe

Queso Fresco Cheese Making Recipe

I have used your Queso Fresco instead of mozzarella in pizzas and lasagnas and my family loves it. It melts beautifully, especially if placed on top of a tortilla and heated in the stove.

Customer RecipesYogurt Cheese Recipe

Yogurt Cheese Recipe

Yogurt Cheese may be made simply by draining the whey out of you yogurt. All that is needed is to make your yogurt and drain it through butter muslin for 3-5 hours.

Customer RecipesShankleshe Cheese Recipe

Shankleshe Cheese Recipe

Shanklish, the word is either derived from Arabic or Turkish, I'm not sure. But it is very popular in Lebanon and Syria and similar to your real buttermilk cheese.

Customer RecipesSaint Maure Cheese Making Recipe

Saint Maure Cheese Making Recipe

A soft Goats milk cheese, shaped in an elongated cylinder or log. The paste is white and creamy with no holes and has a smooth delicate texture. The rind is covered in a thin white bloom.

Customer RecipesQueso Blanco Cheese Making Recipe

Queso Blanco Cheese Making Recipe

Queso Blanco is a South American cheese similar to the Indian cheese Panir. It is an excellent cooking cheese.

Customer RecipesOstkaka Cheese Making Recipe

Ostkaka Cheese Making Recipe

This is a Swedish, Scandinavian, dessert dish, traditionally served at Christmas. Not really custard and not really cheese cake, I enjoy it at any time of the year. As one can see, it is not recomm...

Customer RecipesLemon Cheese Recipe

Lemon Cheese Recipe

This rich and delicious cheese may be made in the evening and will be ready to spread on hot croissants for breakfast! It is a great cheese to start for all ages and experience. You may have to add...

Customer RecipesLatvian Easter Cheese (Pashka) Recipe

Latvian Easter Cheese (Pashka) Recipe

Oma's Pashka submitted by Brent Alderman Sterste My father's family is Latvian and we make a sweet Easter cheese called Pashka, my aunt presses hers in a sterilized flower pot with canned goods on ...

Customer RecipesJuustoa Cheese Making Recipe

Juustoa Cheese Making Recipe

This Finnish, squeeky cheese recipe from Eleanor Miller in MI is eaten in cut pieces put into your morning coffee, or simply enjoyed as cut pieces as is.

Customer RecipesOma's Janu Siers (John's Cheese)

Oma's Janu Siers (John's Cheese)

Submitted by Brent Alderman Sterste. Traditionally made for the summer solstice - the longest day of the year.

Customer RecipesGuban Cheese Making Recipe

Guban Cheese Making Recipe

This is a Lebanese cheese using the simplest of ingredients. This finished cheese may be used in Lebanese round bread along with colby, flour and oil. This recipe was given to me over the phone by ...

Customer RecipesFromage Blanc Recipe

Fromage Blanc Recipe

Fromage Blanc is a wonderfully creamy cheese that may be used in place of cream cheese in any recipe. I love to use this in both Couer a la Creme and Cheesecake. It has a smooth consistency and onl...

Customer RecipesFarmers Cheese Recipe

Farmers Cheese Recipe

There is a lot of variation in this white cheese because each person makes it slightly differently. Usually, whole milk is used, but it may be made with partially skimmed milk.

Customer RecipesEdam Cheese Making Recipe

Edam Cheese Making Recipe

Traditionally a Dutch cheese, made with partially skimmed milk & eaten when young. Edam has a subtle texture and a delicate, smooth taste. The following recipe was sent in by a customer, it is ...

Customer RecipesCup Cheese Recipe

Cup Cheese Recipe

This is a Pennsylvania Dutch Cheese made by the Amish and Mennonites since before the time of the Americna Revolution. This is a bland cheese which is placed in cups, hence it's name.

Customer RecipesCreme Fraiche Recipe

Creme Fraiche Recipe

Creme Fraiche is one of those dairy delights that you try to eat just a little of but once you taste that first mouthful you always come back for more. This is a deliciously rich and creamy treat t...

Customer RecipesClotted Cream Recipe

Clotted Cream Recipe

This is a specialty of Devon and Cornwall in Southern England. It is made from rich cows milk of the Devon cattle. Clotted or clouted is a word derived from clout, a thick piece of leather and impl...

Customer RecipesChevron


I am not quite sure of the spelling of this cheese but this recipe for an old world Lebanese cheese was given to me by Susan Basmajian of New York. Susan said that it is an old family recipe going ...

Customer RecipesButter in a Bowl Recipe

Butter in a Bowl Recipe

Let 1 quart of heavy cream sit overnight to ripen in a large earthenware bowl. The bowl should be no more than half full. In the morning beat at low speed with an electric mixer until the cream bre...

Customer RecipesBeyaz Peynir Recipe

Beyaz Peynir Recipe

Beyaz Peynir is a wet semisoft white cheese in own brine, has a typical salty-sour taste with a fine flavor. It should be washed before serving with water. Together with sweet melon Beyaz Peynir is...

Customer RecipesBasket Cheese Making Recipe

Basket Cheese Making Recipe

Handed down by word of mouth to Rosanne Coreano of NY, this recipe produces a rather mild cheese. It is eaten either by itself or enjoyed on Bruchetta or toast, drizzled with olive oil, a pinch of ...

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