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Since 1978 we have been sharing the joy of home cheese making. With over 100 step by step cheese making recipes, helpful guides and easy to use supplies it's fun and easy to make cheese at home.

OtherPairing Chocolate and Cheese

Pairing Chocolate and Cheese

Do you want to make cheese with chocolate added in, or enjoy cheese and chocolate pairings? You have come to the right place, and to be clear, we are are not talking about Milky Whey and Craft sing...

BeginnerA Guide to Cheese Tasting Terms

A Guide to Cheese Tasting Terms

Corky - Firm, hard, tough consistency, hard to break in fingers. When it breaks it does so in a woody manner. It is apparent at a very firm curd during draining...

OtherFavorite Cheese Links

Favorite Cheese Links

Here are a few of our favorite cheese links from around the web. If you would like to share one, please send it our whey.

All you need is milk

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