Cheese Making Equipment

From a good thermometer and butter muslin to cheese molds and ladles, having the right equipment on hand is helpful when making cheese. A few of our items along with some you may already have in your kitchen are all you will need to make cheese at home.


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Dutch Style Cheese Press
Manchego Cheese Mold
Sale priceFrom $39.95
Gouda or Edam Cheese Mold
Sale priceFrom $29.95
pH Indicator Strips 4.0-7.0
ThermoPop 2 Thermometer
Sale priceFrom $36.95
Bee's Wrap
Sale priceFrom $6.00
Curd Knife 12"
Sale price$39.95
All Natural Beeswax
Cellophane Cheese Wrap (Soft or Mold Ripened)
BTF Iodophor Sanitizer
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Hard Cheese Mold Deluxe (Large)
Coeur a la Creme Cheese Mold
Yogurt Cheese Strainer
Saint Maure Cheese Mold (8")
Rectangle Cheese Mold (2 lb)
Hard Cheese Mold Deluxe (Small)
Refrigerator Thermostat
Large Pot Clip for Chef Alarm
Rectangle Cheese Mold (4 lb)
Small Cheese Trier
Blue Cheese Mold
Sale price$44.95
Ovtene Cheese Wrap
Sale priceFrom $9.95
Spruce Cambium Strips
Chevre Mold Extension
Square Pont-Levesque Cheese Mold
Soft Cheese Mold (Large)
Foil Cheese Wrap (Blue Cheese)
Ricotta Cheese Mold (Single Use)
Blue or Roquefort Cheese Mold
Square Taleggio Cheese Mold
Kilner Hand-Crank Butter Churn
Sale price$55.00
Casein Labels
Sale price$7.95
Acid Testing Kit
Sale price$19.95
Triton T3 Digital Scale
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Waterproof pH Meter and Thermometer
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Arched Wire Cheese Cutter
Pro-Series Needle Probe for Chef Alarm
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Cellophane Cheese Wrap (Washed Rind)
7.00 pH Buffer Solution for pH Meters
Polypropylene Follower Set
4.00 pH Buffer Solution for pH Meters
Rigotte Cheese Mold
Fourme d'Ambert Cheese Mold
Cleaning Solution for pH Meters
Large Cheese Trier
Saint Maure Cheese Mold (10 1/4")
Replacement Wire for Arched Cheese Cutter
Storage Solution for pH Meters