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Learn How to Make Cheese

From milk to yum, we have been helping cheese makers since 1978. Learn how easy it is to make cheese at home with over 100 step by step cheese making recipes, helpful guides and easy to use supplies.

How to Store and Age Cheese in Brine

Get the best results when storing and aging Feta, Mozzarella, or other Mediterranean style cheese at home, we'll show you how.

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Learn About Cultures for Cheese Making

Some of the top questions we receive about cheese making have to do with cheese making cultures. Why are there so many cheese making cultures to choose from? Where do...

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Finding Good Milk For Cheese Making

When trying to find good milk for cheese making there are a few things to consider and sometimes it can be tricky to know where to begin. ​​​​​​​That's why we're...

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The Evolution of Milk For Cheese Making

Most milk comes from cows and we’d like to think they are all out on pastures eating grass. But are they? And if not how can this affect milk? Raising...

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Ways to Use Whey

You try to buy the best milk you can for cheese making and when you're done you have a couple of pounds of great cheese, but what about all of...

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How to Select Cheese Wrap

This guide will help you select the the right type of cheese wrap and figure out which size wrap will fit your cheese. We carry a nice variety of wraps...

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Using Large Culture Packs

Large packets of starter culture offer a broader choice in cultures, than small culture packs, but are intended for large batches of cheese. General guidelines, for large culture packs, provide...

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Testing Acidity Development

When converting the lactose in milk to lactic acid, using starter cultures, there is no visible way to determine the rate of culture activity within the milk. Tracking acidity development...

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Making and Using Salt Brine

The primary reason for salting cheese, is to slow down, or stop, the bacteria process converting lactose to lactic acid. During the brining process, most of the lactose is removed....

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