Fellow Cheese Maker

Paul Lacinski and Amy Klippenstein

Paul Lacinski and Amy Klippenstein

Sidehill Farm in Hawley MA

These are the real cheese makers, the four legged ones that provide that fabulous milk we use. No, not Paul and Amy, we are talking about the girls in the meadow.

Paul and Amy are friends of ours in Hawley, MA who have been raising veggies for local markets for the past several years. Over the past few years they have begun building a small herd of quality milk producers. They have revamped an old milking Parlor and developed their own version of a 'Mobile Milk Processing Plant'. They have also become certified for sales of Raw milk, things are beginning to build for them.

Over the years, snce we first wrote this intro to Paul and Amy, their operations have expanded. To learn more visit their Fantastic Website.

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