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Cheese News 2013 -May

May, 2013    New England Cheesemaking Supply Co.

Little "Baby Swiss"

Aw, it's so cute!  Spring is a great time to make a Baby Swiss!

This is not just a smaller version of Mr. and Mrs. Swiss.  It bears the family resemblance, but it has established it's own identity.  So, it has smaller holes and a milder taste than it's parents.  Baby Swiss has a sister named Lacy Swiss.  (There is also a distant cousin with no holes called Blind Swiss.)

Jim wanted us to tell you that making this Swiss is not for first time cheese makers.  Like many offspring, it's easy to make, but hard to raise.  As it ages, it needs to be kept cool, then warm and then back to cool again.  But, of course, it's worth the effort and Spring is in the air ...

To see Jim's detailed recipe - click here

Maggie Parkinson

AKA Carlyton Cooper.  Why does she have an "Also Known As" name?  Well, it's because she's an actress, play write, cookbook author, knitter of Maggie's Originals and she will soon be the owner of a bed & breakfast off the coast of Seattle.

She's obviously multi-talented, but of all her hobbies and avocations, the one she prefers most is making cheese.  To quote her e-mail to us, "I'm never happier than when I'm messing up my kitchen with a big bucket o' curd!"

For more pictures and information about Maggie - click here

Who Needs Gloves?!

I thought you'd like to see Naomi, our family's mozzarella maker and her unique "whey" of stretching her mass of cheese.  She can't wear huge rubber gloves so she pulls her cheese up with a wooden spoon, wraps the end around her rolling pin and rolls as the weight of the cheese pulls.  Within 3 or 4 stretches she's got a nice glossy mozzarella.  She's been making it since she was 6.
Blaine Pendleton, Dothan Alabama


Loves that Horseradish!

I have been making cheese since November, 2012, and wanted to share our innovative press design.  (picture below)

I also wanted to ask about making horseradish cheddar and bacon horseradish cheddar, I have made one batch of horseradish cheddar by adding the horseradish at the end with the salt, and it is ok, but does not have a strong taste of horseradish (aged 3 months). Any suggestions would be great.
(Send to

I can give you one tip I learned - I use a plexiglass disc cut to the size of my press cylinder to allow me to press two one pound blocks of cheddar out of the two pound recipe. I just put half in the press and then the disk, then the rest.
Terry Finn, Ava, New York

Made a Little Video

I just wanted to say that my boyfriend bought your kit and we were inspired while eating dinner to promote the product with a little video. Thought I'd share it. Enjoy!
Jenna Sampson, San Francisco, California

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Royal Campaign to Beautify the World

This time of year, the Cheese Queen carefully scrutinizes the Royal Kingdom to make sure every square inch is beautiful, without exception.  Inevitably and tragically, there are always a few tiny areas in need of improvement.  At that point, without fail, our intrepid Queen proceeds, with or without her entourage, to travel near and far in search of the most spectacular plants she can find.  These special plants are then transported back to the Royal Palace where they soon become part of the Royal collection for all to enjoy.

This month, she summoned one of our Royal staff members, Jeff Farrell for a high-powered consultation because he is known throughout the kingdom as a fabulous landscaper.  Together, at a local nursery, they then made the decisions which will alter the course of history. The results will be revealed in exclusive photographs right here in the Moosletter later this summer.  Stay tuned ...

Ricki and Jeff at the nursery

1st White House Cheese Making Kit!

Recently, in USA Weekend we read that President Obama bought a home-brewing kit to draft a White House honey ale.  This is believed to be the first alcohol brewed or distilled at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Naturally, we feel that if the President is in a back-to-basics mood, it's time for the first cheese to be made at the White House.  So, we sent him one of our Mozzarella Kits along with this note:

Dear President Obama,

We have read in the newspaper that you will be making your own White House Honey Ale. This is exciting news for us because we sell kits for making your own cheese.  Many folks are doing this because it's easy, fun and healthy to do. 

We have sent you one of our easiest kits- Ricki's 30 Minute Mozzarella Kit - a fun project for the whole family.  (We have other kits but this one takes the least amount of time and we know you're very busy being a world leader.)

We hope you enjoy making your own Mozzarella.  Be sure to use fresh milk and if you get a chance to snap a few pictures of yourself and the rest of the family making Mozzarella, that would be great.

The Cheese Queen and her Royal Staff at New England Cheesemaking Supply Company

We will let you know when we hear from him.

OK, yes, this is just our little fantasy, but it could come true!

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Artisanal Cheese, Bread & Honey Tour, Garfagnana, Tuscany, June 16-23, 2013, a small group tour which only happens once a year in June. This culinary tour features experiences centered around artisanal cheese and cheese-making and also bread-making and honey processing specific to Tuscany.  There are still places available. For more details click here

7th Annual Washington County, New York Cheese Tour, The Biggest Cheese Tour in the US, Saturday and Sunday, September 7th and 8th, 2013, 10am to 4pm.  Six of the most creative farmstead cheese makers in the Northeast will open their farms to the public.  Special activities include cheese making demos, tours of the facilities and educational demonstrations.

For Sale

52 Gallon C. Van’t Riet Vat Pasteurizer.  Bought new in 2011.  Located in NH and used for fresh goat and cow cheese.  $20,000 or BO.  Includes training on how to use and proper setup.  Please contact Julie at 603-831-0534.  E-mail  Located in Winchester, NH.  You can see pictures on our Country Critters Farm Facebook page.

Dairy Heritage 1000 Lb. Vat For Sale.  
Used for two seasons (7 months) two to three times per week.  Includes cheese knives. Excellent condition. $13,800.  Nortiz condensing tankless gas water heater with all associated copper piping, pumps, gauges and mixers.  Used with above vat; will sell as complete package with vat.  System designed by Neville Mc Naughton, Cheezsorce.  Complete package $16,000.  Contact

Authentic Dutch Cheese Making Equipment.
Cheese vat 600 liter (wood on the outside, stainless steel on the inside). Cheese press (partly wood), cheese molds etc. The equipment is still used on a dairy/cheese farm in Holland and works great. Everything according to food safety regulations in Holland. A perfect set for a starting cheese maker. Can be shipped worldwide. For info and photo's:

30 Gallon Pasteurizer For Sale in Maine. This unit works perfectly, and includes Anderson recorder, all thermometers, extra charts, pen inks, curd collector, stainless measuring stick, and stainless curd harp. Electrical panel is included. Price is $12,000, and unit must be picked up here. The price for a new one is $22,000! Please call 207-639-2074.

Jobs & Employment

Cheese Making/Dairy Internship.  Small artisan goat dairy in southeastern PA is looking for a farm intern.  Responsibilities would include but not be limited to cheese making, milking, attending farmers markets, herd management, cheese work, deliveries, and cleaning.  This is a full time position and includes housing, 2 meals and a stipend.  Send resume to

Real Estate

Dairy/Cheese/Composting Farm Business.  The owner of a diversified dairy/cheese/composting farm business in central Massachusetts is willing to provide a "young entrepreneur" with the opportunity to be the next generation owner.   Well established markets.   Owner financing may be available.  Can be an individual or could be a couple.  Questions:  smithscountrycheese@verizon.netFor additional information click here

Wanted to Buy or Lease a Medium or Small  Size Cheese Manufacturing Plant Anywhere on the East Coast of the United States; 
if anyone is interested to sell, please contact me at Guillermo Molina, Email - or TL- 646-942-2107

Workshops & Classes

Soft Cheese Making
, July 12, 10am- 5pm, $50, hosted by:  Pickens County 4-H.  Please make checks out to Clemson University; write "Cheese Class" on memo line and mail to Pickens County 4-H,  P.O. Box 995,  Pickens, SC 29671. Please make sure your name and contact information is attached.  Please address any questions to Janine Sutter at

Learn How to Make Gouda Goat Cheese at Home.  From an experienced native German cheese maker who has been making artisan cheese for ten years! In my fun, hands-on class you learn about cheese cultures, rennet, cutting curds, molds and pressing.  For more info, e-mail Corina at, or click here

Cheesemaking 101

Beginner Workshops with Ricki Carroll

A full day of hands-on cheese making with Ricki and Jamie in their beautiful house in the foothills of the Berkshires. You will learn to make Farmhouse Cheddar, Queso Blanco, Whole Milk and Whey Ricotta,  30 Minute Mozzarella, Fromage Blanc, Creme Fraiche and Mascarpone.

For more info - click here


Cheesemaking 201

 Advanced Workshops with Jim Wallace

Jim Wallace has been teaching and answering our technical questions for a number of years now.  You will be delighted with his classes. They are more technical in scope than Ricki's beginner classes, but are fine for the cheese maker who wants to learn more details of the process.

For more info - click here

Annual Cheese Rolling at Cooper's Hill

Gloucestershire, England

May 27

Great Wisconsin Cheese Festival

Little Chute, Wisconsin

May 31 - June 3

Great Canadian Cheese Festival

Picton, Ontario

June 1-2

Cheese Curd Festival

Ellsworth, Wisconsin

May 31 - June 3

Wellington Cheese Heritage Festival

Wellington, Ohio

July 19 - 21

Vermont Cheesemakers Festival

Shelburne, Vermont

July 21

The Big Cheese

Caerphilly, England

July 26 - 28

For More Info - Click Here

Finger Lakes Cheese Festival

Odessa, New York

July 27

American Cheese Society Conference & Competition

Madison, Wisconsin

July 31 - August 3

Great British Cheese Festival

Cardiff, Wales

September 22 - 23

Slow Food Cheese Festival

Bra, Italy

September 20 - 23