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Cheese News 2013 -October

October, 2013 New England Cheesemaking Supply Co.

Yogurt and More Yogurt!

This is really the last word on one of the most popular dairy products in this country. And, yet, as Jim explains in his recipe, until 1947, it was considered a little too sour for most people to enjoy.

The turning point came when Dannon introduced their yogurt with strawberries in the bottom. It was now sweet enough for Americans to embrace, and the rest is yogurt history.

In his detailed recipe, Jim includes directions for making both "stirred" yogurt and "drinkable" yogurt, as well as some unique (mouth watering) variations like "mango-banana-lime" and "cardamom."

<align="center"> Two of Jim's yogurts: mixed berries and peach

To see Jim's detailed recipe - click here

You're in the Spotlight Now

Our First Essay Contest!

We're nearing the end of our 35th anniversary year and we want to go out with a BANG!

So, we're having our first essay contest and the Grand Prize is a free Cheese Press!

We want to hear from you about how making cheese has changed your life. Just send us a few words (up to 500) and include a picture of yourself with your cheese or making your cheese.

The winner will be our December "In the Spotlight" with their essay and picture posted for all to see. Every essay and picture submitted will be posted in a blog article linked to the Moosletter article.

Just e-mail your essay and picture to by December 1st. Please include your full name and the city and state you live in.

Our staff will judge the entries the way a cheese competition is conducted. Each person will read the essays and give them a score from 1 to 10. The scores will then be combined to determine the winner. If there's a tie, well, we will give up 2 presses, or 3 or ?!!!



Greetings from Sunny Sydney!

We are on 15 acres in the Aussie "bush," 70 km (43 miles) from Sydney. The Macdonald Valley is in a historic area where the original transported convicts, through blood, sweat and tears, created a road to the north.

It is dissected by the Macdonald River, where original market gardens supplied the new colony until a couple of consecutive huge floods made it non-viable. Our wildlife is amazing with a myriad of bird species, wallabies and even the odd Koala! Descendants of the early families still farm here and I am lucky enough to have fresh milk on hand for cheese making.


Jan Hawkins with her Camblu

I have managed to get others in the valley inspired to attempt cheese making and have run demonstrations over the last couple of years to benefit a local community group. The dream is someday to get a cheese co-op up and running!


I am a huge fan of Jim's Camblu.

I have made it twice now, both with differing but delicious results.

The first was more rustic in appearance with hardly any white mould cover, more of a mottled blue/washed rind appearance), but a fabulous flavor at three months of age.

The second Camblu did develop the white mould cover all over and at 6 weeks now, looks and tastes great and I am trying to hang onto one to taste at three months!!

The difference in the second one is that I introduced the p. Roquefort in liquid form (had run out of the powder form) along with a few grains of saccharomyces (yeast) immediately after stirring in the culture.

The blue mould did not seem to then take over the entire surface of the cheese as it did in my first attempt when the blue mould was sprinkled over layers in the moulding stage. I shall try both methods again to see if a definite pattern emerges! Many thanks indeed . . . a most interesting and challenging cheese.
Jan Hawkins, Sydney, Australia

Jim's answer:

Glad to see that this worked out so well for you. I have made them so that the surface comes out snow white but also with the wild mixed mold surface. My preference does go to the wild side and I think it has more interesting flavors. For sale, though, this would scare off the uninitiated.

This cheese can go in a lot of directions from the snow white to the dark rustics to even the moist washed rinds. It all depends on what you want here. This all depends on inoculations, moisture and what happens in the cave.


Quite the Spread!

We have a sweet Jersey cow, Georgia, who is currently giving us 3 gallons of milk a day in addition to feeding her 2 month old calf. We are working hard to put the milk to good use.

I thought you might appreciate this photo. I ordered more supplies yesterday. I'm going to start trying some different kinds of cheeses. It's been fun!
Staci Stearns, Springfield, Oregon



Corky's Quark

I have been making Quark for some time using your cultures. My home's ambient temperature of 78 - 80F during the summer has always caused an over-acidic problem with my Quark. I have made many adjustments to your online recipe to get acceptable results under my conditions.

I recently purchased your Soft Cheese Sample Pack. Using your Fromagina culture (C31) and my adjusted recipe, I have repeatedly produced the best Quark that my wife and I have had outside of Germany.

I place 1% milk fat milk from the store in my pot at 38F out of the fridge. I add 1/4 teaspoon calcium chloride mixed in a 1/4 cup water and then sprinkle the C31 culture on the cold milk.


Corky Courtright


I let it sit for 2 minutes and stir for one minute, cover the pot and let sit for 14 hours at 78 - 80F. I cut the curd at one inch, vertically only, and remove the curd with a flat ladle at approximate one inch levels into my waiting butter muslin lined colander. I drain the curds for 2 to 3 hours at 78 - 80F and turn the resulting cheese into a container to refrigerate.

I make a batch about every five days and have for breakfast almost every day with fresh fruit. My wife likes it on toast or rolls with homemade jam. It is absolutely wonderful.
Corky Courtright, Las Cruces, New Mexico


Hard Times in Thailand

For those who don't know the following:

When the great tsunami hit Thailand and other countries, we were hurting for rubber coated gloves to dig for the living and to recover the dead and to handle in the morgue. But, there were none to be found in Thailand.

Ricki was kind enough to send me a big supply that she paid for out of her own pocket. I distributed the gloves to people both on and off the island who needed them. They were appreciated very much. I shall never forget Ricki's kindness and help. I recommend her products to everyone that I meet. I have used them for years and they are always the best.
Don Battles, Managing Director Don's Foods Co. LTD, Thailand
(Note: Don has written a book about his experiences in Thailand - Merchant of the Orient-An Entrepreneur's Journey in Life.)



Send your news & responses to Jeri at
(Note: Questions about making cheese go to


Sarah's Baby Shower

<align="left">Ricki's daughter, Sarah is expecting her first child November 22nd. This will be Ricki's first grandchild, so she's a little over the top with excitement. At last count, she had already bought gifts for every single holiday and birthday until the baby is headed off for college!
<align="left">Ricki's oldest daughter, Jenny is also "over the Moon" with anticipation. Recently, she surprised Sarah with a baby shower, fit only for royalty (as indeed, both daughters are the Cheese Queen's Princesses).
<align="left">It was truly a fabulous event. Jenny herself made all kinds of foods (to die for) and many beautiful decorations. The day was filled with fun games, contests, arts & crafts projects, and, of course, adorable baby gifts. (Don't even ask why Ricki was wearing a "Wilber" name tag!)

Sarah, dangling a piece of ribbon during the "Guess Sarah's Waist Measurement" contest

Sarah, husband Mark and Jenny

Sarah, Ricki, Jenny, Mark, Paul and Bob

Stay tuned for our upcoming announcement!

It's a Wrap!

Cheese Foil (CWF)

This is our official "best way" to store cheese, because it has waxed paper on the inside and foil on the outside.

The waxed paper maintains contact with the cheese without effecting the flavor and chemistry of it (as plastic wrap will do). The foil keeps the cheese from drying out.

This is the perfect wrap to use if you are giving cheeses as holiday gifts. It also makes a great gift for your favorite foodie. (You might even teach them something they didn't know about cheese storage!)

For more info about this product - click here

Place Your Free Ads Here!

Send your copy to, and your ad will be promptly placed in the classified section of our website. It will also appear in the next month's Moosletter (like the ads below).

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Goat Education Day 2013, Saturday November 2, 2013 at the Tehama District Fairgrounds in Red Bluff, CA. This year, we are offering a great selection of classes and would like to highlight our speakers (from Louisiana), Dr. Frank Pinkerton and Dr. Ken McMillin. Also, we are offering a great 3 hour session on farm-style hard cheeses for our dairy fans! Rounding out the day will be over 40 other classes on health and husbandry topics to make sure you are ready for anything! Sign-up forms can be found on our Facebook page.


For Sale


$3500 baby vat, $650 each cheese knives, 1000 gallon tank -$4000, 4 Gouda forms -$225 each
. Ideal for start-up. Located in the state of Washington. Please contact for details and photos -

50 gallon Neiros bulk tank: Selling this refurbished tank as we're downsizing the farm! Purchased in May for $4850 (includes chart recorder) from Bob White Systems; in like-new condition before they refurbished it. We carefully brought it home and then stored it in our house, so it hasn't even had a chance to get dusty! Asking $4700, located near Rochester, NY. E-mail for more information.


Dwarf Nigerian goats in Newkirk, North-Central Oklahoma: We have some beautiful, blue-eyed young bucks ready to breed this fall for spring kids and several bucklings that can be registered and will be ready to breed next spring. At this time, we have 2 brown-eyed does, one white and one tri-color left. We make sure all are handled daily. They are very gentle, love their attention and make wonderful pets. Phone: 580-368-7222. Pictures at our website:


Sweet Alpine and Saanen does and doelings:
Downsizing our farm in Bloomfield, NY, and offering our wonderful does for sale. They are mostly bottle-fed, so very sweet. Would make the most excellent addition to a hobby farm for home cheese making. Alpines purchased originally from Lazy Lady Farm in Vermont; they're about 2 years old now and have kidded once. Excellent mothers and easy to milk. E-mail Sara at or call 585-739-3110 for more information.

Cheesemaking 101

Beginner Workshops with Ricki Carroll

A full day of hands-on cheese making with Ricki and Jamie in their beautiful house in the foothills of the Berkshires. You will learn to make Farmhouse Cheddar, Queso Blanco, Whole Milk and Whey Ricotta, 30 Minute Mozzarella, Fromage Blanc, Creme Fraiche and Mascarpone.

For more info - click here

Cheesemaking 201

Advanced Workshops with Jim Wallace

Jim Wallace has been teaching and answering our technical questions for a number of years now. You will be delighted with his classes. They are more technical in scope than Ricki's beginner classes, but are fine for the cheese maker who wants to learn more details of the process.

For more info - click here


Cheese Fest 2013

Mullawillaburka Adelaide City, Australia

October 26-27


Wisconsin Cheese Originals Festival

Madison, Wisconsin

November 1-2


Colorado Cheese Festival

Longmont, Colorado

November 3


World Championship Cheese Contest

Madison, Wisconsin

March 18-19, 2014


California's Artisan Cheese Festival

Petaluma, California

March 21-23, 2014


South African Cheese Festival

Sandringham, South Africa

April 25-28


National Spanish Cheese Festival

Trujillo, Spain

May 1-5, 2014